Designing for Modern-Day Learners

Two of the many conveniences of the “good ol’ days” was that it was easier to define learners and the then-popular cognitive theories were easier to apply to designing for the learners. While some people truly practiced life-long learning, the formal structures we have today were not in place in the past. Life-long learning was […]

Welcome to my blog

Greetings. I hope to use this to brainstorm, post my thoughts on school and work. I’ll also use this as a repository for works that I hope to include in my academic and professional portfolios.

Example of a strong learning environment

                           Blackoard/WebCT Course Web site                     While many find fault with the WebCT/Blackboard LMS, I have found that it more than adequately meets my needs as a learner. It allows for both synchronous (chat) and asynchronous (mail, discussion boards) communications. The layout can be manipulated by the user so to better organize it. […]