Example of a strong learning environment

                           Blackoard/WebCT Course Web site



While many find fault with the WebCT/Blackboard LMS, I have found that it more than adequately meets my needs as a learner. It allows for both synchronous (chat) and asynchronous (mail, discussion boards) communications. The layout can be manipulated by the user so to better organize it. If desired by the instructor or designer, it can offer course administrative tools (syllabi, schedules, assignments, calendar), content resources, pre-recorded presentations, links to supplementary material, a repository for work and tools. Assessments–even high stakes exams–can be built as to allow learners instant feedback as to their performance, along with details on where they failed to perform. Its inclusiveness and modularity make it a strong distributed/distance learning system.


One thought on “Example of a strong learning environment

  1. I agree that Blackboard and WebCT are great examples of distance/distributed learning. It has the power to connect diverse learners and distribute a variety of knowledge and experiences among its participants. To me, it is very exciting learning in this type of environment because it puts the attention on us learners! We are empowered to share, discuss, and bring about change through our exchange of knowledge and ideas.

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