Designing for Today’s Learners

Two of the many conveniences of the “good ol’ days” was that it was easier to define learners and the then-popular cognitive theories were easier to apply to designing for the learners. While some people truly practiced life-long learning, the formal structures we have today were not in place in the past. Life-long learning was […]

My Newfound Respect for Second Life

I’ll admit, my early experiences with, and impressions of, Second Life were not very positive. There’s an appreciable learning curve, more options than I’ll ever use (or remember). And, when you finally leave Orientation Island, what happens? Me & my cohorts stood around–pretty close to where we “beamed down”. No exploration, no meaning-making, no discovery. […]

Interaction & Engagement

In the article “Interaction and Engagement in LEEP…” Ruhleder identifies several possible problems dealing with having simultaneous audio broadcasts and chat room postings. Those who have worked in the CRG environment can testify to the dual threads that can run concurrently, but not in parallel. Synchronous online environments change the instructors’ role and control of […]