The “C-Word”

Moore and Kearsley (2005) state that “Distance education is about change”. A simple statement; a lot of impact. For as much as we pride ourselves on innovation and the evolution of society and technology, society isn’t all that keen on innovation or evolution. And it’s very suspicious of technology. For these are either agents or […]

Research: the differences between media and technology

In 1983 Richard Clark stated that “studies clearly suggest that media do not influence learning under any conditions”. And I agree with that. It has been shown that we can swap out one medium for another and still get the same results or, at least, results that show “no significant difference” from the original delivery […]

The Changing Role of the Instructor

With the popular acceptance of each new learning theory, with the rolling out of the latest standardized testing system, with the acceptance of the latest pedagogical application, the role of the teacher has changed. This change has never been so great as that experienced in the last twenty years. Computer use in the classroom has […]

In the World of the Have Nots, It all ADDIEs Up

I live in the have-not world of instructional design. I have for over 30 years. So, I wince when I read articles on ID that talk about the duties of the subject matter expert, the scriptwriter, the producer, the production crew members, etc. The closest I ever came to having all of this was my […]

Taking the Digital Test Drive

In the last few weeks I’ve had the experience of “test driving” several online learning & social environments: Tapped in, Vyew, Ning, Second Life, to name a few. I have to admit my initial reactions were not very positive. Too many hands on the wheel, too many voices talking at the same time, no road […]

Designing for Today’s Learners

Two of the many conveniences of the “good ol’ days” was that it was easier to define learners and the then-popular cognitive theories were easier to apply to designing for the learners. While some people truly practiced life-long learning, the formal structures we have today were not in place in the past. Life-long learning was […]

My Newfound Respect for Second Life

I’ll admit, my early experiences with, and impressions of, Second Life were not very positive. There’s an appreciable learning curve, more options than I’ll ever use (or remember). And, when you finally leave Orientation Island, what happens? Me & my cohorts stood around–pretty close to where we “beamed down”. No exploration, no meaning-making, no discovery. […]